It’s an immutable truth of gym ownership that participation levels are highest on Mondays. They peter out a little Tuesday and Wednesday, but by Thursday and Friday, you’re only seeing the most dedicated athletes hauling themselves to the gym when the work week has taken its toll.

Fight that downhill slide by helping your members focus on the rewards of regular workouts. Here are a few ideas to help you fill the gym, even on Fridays:

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  • Send motivational emails. If not every day, then at least send a motivational reminder to work out on Wednesday or Thursday. Make it funny, make it inspiring, just make sure you send it.
  • Send workout reminders. If you haven’t seen an athlete in a while or they’ve been slacking for a couple of weeks, send them a quick text to let them know they’re missed. It might do wonders for their motivation just knowing you noticed.

Indirect Motivators

  • Post daily to social media to keep your crew engaged. You can share motivational or funny memes, or even a teaser for the day’s WOD or a little-known fact about the health benefits of regular exercise.
  • Performance tracking via leaderboards can whet that competitive appetite and remind athletes of just how far they’ve come. Go digital with your leaderboards to get those images out to every mobile device and bring the competitors back to the gym.
  • Provide personal performance records via smartphone or kiosk, or on paper if going old-school. Again, emphasize gains to encourage continued regular workouts.

Team-Building Promotions

  • Offer bring-a-friend promotions, and your members will drag that co-worker or best friend to your gym later in the week, when the buddy system is crucial. Bonus: potential new members.
  • Focus on teams. This can be an attendance or weight-loss competition between two classes on your gym schedule, or a team lifting competition with another gym across town. Remind members that your team is the best, and they’ll want to prove it. Everybody wants to be on a winning team.
  • Issue time-limited challenges. Maybe your gym issues a weight-loss challenge in January to hang onto those resolution-junkies, or maybe you wait until spring to do a 24-day nutritional challenge. Whatever you do, get your athletes committed and assigned to teams, send out motivational messages through all your channels, and require a weekly check-in to keep them interested.

Valuable Freebies

  • Promote time-limited class attendance discounts and coupons. Example: For the month of November only, attend 20 classes and receive one month free when you renew your membership.
  • Like a liquor promoter or a grocery store sample person, have special Friday-only freebies like gym-branded towels, water bottles, and T-shirts, handed out to the first 100 members through the door. Better yet, hand them out when they’re leaving as a reward for killing that workout.

You can easily motivate gym members to keep coming back throughout the week—and even the weekend—without investing huge amounts of time and capital. It’s even easier with Chalkbucket Labs gym membership software. Use our communications module to send those motivational emails, texts, and promotional offers to your members. Set them up to send automatically, and you’ll free up your time for coming up with your next great promotion. Contact us today to find out more.