There’s a time and a place to put things down on paper, but those times are becoming less and less frequent. With a world full of apps and smart phones in every pocket, paper is taking a backseat to digital files stored in the cloud.

So, when it comes to your business and the “paperwork” involved, paper is out and digital is in.

The Benefits of Reducing Paper

Many small businesses owners can’t imagine life without a filing cabinet full of customer contracts, class change slips, and pre-printed waivers. But the simple truth is that business owners like yourself can give the printer a rest and do things digitally.

Besides clearing up the filing cabinets, there are a host of reasons why going digital will help your company in the long term. For starters, save you members’ time signing up at the front desk. With the Chalkbucket Labs Waivers and Contracts Manager, you can send contracts and waivers to your members via email or make them available on your website. They can fill them out before they even set foot in your building. Whether they’re using their home computers, tablets, or their smart phones, they can complete paperwork, sign it, and return it to you at their convenience.

And if they like paper, they can always print out the PDF’s for their own records.

E-Sign on the Line

More and more industries are adapting the electronic signature. Unlike pen-on-paper signatures, which can fairly easily be forged, e-signatures have metadata build in, like IP addresses, that prove their authenticity.

Now, we aren’t saying people are going to forge your club waivers and contracts, but it’s comforting to know that e-signatures are secure! But when it comes to your world, convenience is king. If something needs a signature immediately, your members can sign paperwork from virtually anywhere and get it to you instantly.

And besides, most people can locate their phone or computer before they can find a pen anyway.

Keep it Customized and Convenient

Your business is unique, meaning your waivers and contracts must have specific language, which is why the Chalkbucket Labs Waivers and Contracts manager allows you to customize your agreements. You can create events, turn your paperwork into printable PDF’s, and more.

Imagine having to change one of your contracts. If you have some already printed out, you have to throw them away. However, if they’re digital and they never got printed in the first place, you’ve saved time, money, toner and stress.

Prepare for Paperless

If you already use Chalkbucket Labs to help manage your small business, then our Waivers and Contracts manager is ready to go. Just download the most recent update. And if you’d like to learn more about this stress-and-paper-reducing feature, schedule a demo with a member of our team.

Once you make the leap to less paper, be sure to educate your admin staff about the new procedures. Just like your members and their progress, a little training goes a long way.

Soon, everyone on your staff will benefit from going digital. Expect to use less pens in the very near future.