Add Multiple Plans and Events to your Members

Add additional Plans to your member’s account for extra services you offer or events you put on. By being able to offer additional services and easily add them to your schedule you can extend the offerings of your business and automatically receive payments without all the manual collection of funds.

Members will have the ability to see what service plans are associated with their account to give them a single place to view what is included with their membership.

Franchise Model to Support Multiple Affiliates or Chapters

Grow your business and extend franchises or add additional chapters. With views into activity such as revenue, transactions, members, communication and training of each sub-affiliate/chapter you have s single pane of glass on the performance of the business. By being able to view the performance of your sub-affiliates your attention can focus on areas that need more attention or see those that are high performing.

Sub-affiliate/chapters are separated so they only see their activity while giving the headquarters the ability to look at performance overall.

Updated Financial Transaction Report

Quickly manage your transactions in one report. If its viewing a specific charge, refunding a customer or just printing a receipt the updated transaction report provides a single place to manage all of this. Our latest update to the report gives you pre-configured views or allows you the ability to quickly sort and filter as needed.

Transactions are an important activity to keep track of and being able to manage these quickly give you more time to focus on your members or managing the business.

Updated Payment Status Report

See who has paid, who is still open for payment and members that have declined membership charges quickly with the red, yellow and green status of your users. Using this report you can see the status of each account in seconds so you dont have to keep using spreadsheets or other tracking on your members billing.

If members have multiple plans quickly see what plans are associated to their account and get a green light on those up to date, yellow for those in partial payment status and red for those that are delinquent. it takes seconds not hours!

Web Services for 3rd Party Integrations

Did someone mention an IOS app for your members? Web Services was the first step to allow our “Super Secret” IOS app to connect to the Chalkbucket app. These services allow for apps and other services to connect and integrate with Chalkbucket so we can expand our service into other evolving technologies.

Chalkbucket will have a native IOS app coming out in Q1 of 2017. Its going to be amazing! Dont tell anyone we wouldn’t want you to ruin the surprise!

WordPress Plugin

White label Chalkbucket’s App into your WordPress website so that web visitors can get into your management system with the look and feel of your brand. Registration, Purchases, checkin to classes and more can be integrated to ensure your brand is being presented and interacted with on website without having visitors enter into another app.

Giving our customer’s the ability to brand all interaction with Chalkbucket as if they never left your site is a major focus for Chalkbucket and the WordPress Plug is just the beginning of what you will see in 2017. Chat and Support for keeping you up to date is a leading in app messenger giving you an easier way to get help, ask a question or tell us about a new features you would like to see in Chalkbucket. Use the in app widget in the bottom right corner to get a quick response and start a conversation with someone on our team.

Digital Waiver for Plans and Events

Paper Waivers? You don’t need no stinking paper waivers! Digitize all your waivers, event agreements and other contractual documents in one place. Digital waivers take the need to keep track of all paper agreements out of the equation. Easily add your agreements and waivers so that when members register they can read and agree to the terms you lay out for the plan or event they are registering for.

With digital documents updates are easy. Whether you need to get updated signatures annually or if you want to offer different agreements per plan you can update in one place and have your members digitally sign them again. All digital agreements are emailed to you and your members when they sign.

Communication to Send eMail and SMS to your Members

Keep members updated on the ongoings of your business with email and sms communications. Class canceled? Send SMS message the registered attendees. Having an event? Send all the registered event attendees updates to make sure it going off without a hitch. Being able to stay in constant contact and in front for your members is not only important to keeping them up to date but also keeps your unique services and offerings in front of them all the time.

Select groups, individuals, staff, all registered members and leads to send unique messages to each group. Stay in front and relevant to those people connected to your community.

If you don’t have this setup use the in the app and we will help get this configured for you!

Multiple Locations Support

Multiple Locations gives you the ability to expand your business to offsite locations or inform your members what area of your business a specific class will be held in. If you have multiple physical locations you can always keep your class attendee up to date on where the class is. Locations show on the calendar and training boards so that members know where to show up and log their results under for more detailed tracking.

Using Locations saves you from having to explain directions or provide addresses for classes that happen outside the business too.