Gym owners face a unique marketing challenge. Your gym members’ active participation is the only thing that can get them results, and those results determine how much they’ll continue to value their membership and keep coming back. Motivate newbies to attend more classes right from the start to help new members become an integral part of your gym community.

  1. Motivating attendance builds habit

A surgeon once noticed that his patients took about three weeks to get used to their new noses in the mirror. His observation somehow became the gospel that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. It actually takes anywhere from two weeks to four months to establish a new daily habit, and even longer if the habit (like working out at the gym) involves a degree of difficulty and isn’t an everyday task.

Your gym newbies need regular motivation from day one. It’s the only way they can make working out a regular habit, and the only way you’ll keep them coming back. Push your new members for the first three months, and you’ll see a marked increase in class attendance and membership renewals over the long haul.

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Studies have shown that gym members who participate in at least three group workouts a week for the first month of membership are far less likely to drop out than those who don’t. Much of this is thought to be social: people want to make friends at the gym, and they’re more likely to show up for classes when they know they’ll be missed. Promote group workouts as a way to increase social connection and attendance in new members.

  1. Enhance the value of membership

If a new member isn’t going to realize the value of their paid gym membership until they start seeing physical returns, offer them other valuable incentives right from the start. Here are some examples:

  • Send out a coupon for a free branded T-shirt if they attend three classes the first week.
  • When they use the coupon, send them an invitation to a 10-minute nutrition coaching session, to be used after their next three workouts.
  • Track their attendance, and congratulate them regularly on their dedication to their own health. Or, show them what they could be gaining with regular workouts.
  • Remind them of the extras you provide: child care, free “bring a friend” promotions, a mobile app with scheduling and performance tracking features, or a free initial personal training session.

With the new Chalkbucket Labs communications module, new members can receive incentives and motivation from you via e-mail on a daily basis, personalizing their experience and engaging them in your gym community. Our attendance tracking feature also allows you to set up triggers, so that if a new member goes a week without three workouts, the communications module automatically starts a motivation campaign that you’ve designed. It couldn’t be easier to keep members coming back for more with Chalkbucket Labs.
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